PDG Compliance Demos


This page includes examples of online solutions PDG has created for Regulatory and Compliance issues. These solutions cover a range of topics, using techniques that range from simple and straightforward, to creative and fun. The goal in all cases, though, is the same: help all employees understand and conduct business according to the regulatory requirements of the business.



Global Privacy Training

A talk-show format, using actual company executives, makes a policy course more intriguing and involving.

Code of Conduct

Recognizable characters and familiar case studies help learners understand how an organizations Code of Conduct translates into specific behaviors.

Energy Management

This learning program raises employee’s awareness about the effects of conserving (and not conserving) energy in different workplace locations through an interactive virtual office and laboratory.

Social Media, Example 1

This straightforward social media policy course is made more personal with real-life character examples. Note that this course does not have audio.

Social Media, Example 2

This video-based course uses likeable characters and multiple scenarios to illustrate both appropriate and inappropriate professional uses of Social Media.

The Value of Procurement

This short video uses a comedy talk show format to enliven the topic of procurement guidelines.

Diversity Course

The use of storytelling and animation helps to make a complex and sensitive topic like Workplace Diversity come alive.

Professional Objective Setting

This course provides an excellent overview of the criteria for creating professional objectives and provides clear examples of what good objectives look like.

Productivity Booster Video

This lively and contemporary video offer tips to get the most of your time and your busy day.