Keith Forshew is the President at PDG. Keith brings over 20 years of expertise building and leading global consulting and technology organizations, delivering top of class learning services to Fortune 5000 companies. Prior to joining PDG, Keith served as the President and CEO of Movitas LLC,where he continues to serve on the Board of Directors. Prior to Movitas, Keith was the Chief Operating Officer of StarCite, Inc. and Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Services for Elance, Inc.

Prior to Elance, Keith served as a Principal at Gemini Consulting and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, where he led a global strategy service line, developed new strategic offerings for managed transformation programs and led global programs driving step change performance improvement in pharmaceuticals, financial services, chemicals and energy clients. Keith graduated from Cornell University with a Master of Business Administration and received a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and a Master of Fluid Dynamics from Southampton University, UK.