Lorne Hamilton is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Performance Development Group and is responsible for the expansion of PDG’s client base. Lorne brings over 20 years of success in developing, selling and implementing learning and complex business service solutions which are explicitly linked to the achievement of client strategic business goals. With an ability to quickly comprehend complex business models and identify key areas of leverage, he has created solutions which resulting revenue growth, increase market share, extension of brand value, operational efficiency and enhanced quality and optimization of asset utilization.

With solution values in excess of $500M, Lorne has cultivated and grown relationships with clients in the manufacturing, banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, oil and gas and technology sectors.

Previously, Lorne served as Vice President and Capability Principal at Xerox Learning Services and as Executive Director at Intrepid Learning Solutions. He was Senior VP of Analysis at Philip Crosby Associates where he led an international team of consultants in identifying the qualitative and quantitative impact of quality systems on client operations. Prior to Crosby, he was Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MSX International, where he successfully led a global team of 150 professionals at the business services outsourcing provider.

Lorne has completed graduate studies at INSEAD and holds a BA in Business from Michigan State University.