About PDG

PDG helps our clients realize their business goals by driving the key metrics of business success. We do this by improving the performance of your people through learning, performance support, coaching, and pull-through. Learning drives behavior, behavior drives performance, and performance drives success.

We provide strategic services and capabilities that focus on both the visible changes to systems, processes, and tools as well as the less noticeable changes in attitude and behavior. Culture change is about more than teaching new knowledge and skills; it’s about capturing the hearts and minds of the employees so they can approach the new world with passion and commitment.

Circle2Why is PDG Different?

  1. Driving business results through learning is our only business. If you’re looking for a company that does a thousand different things, that’s not us. We’re experts in driving performance improvement through learning, and we’ve built our whole business model around that. Our goal is not to do everything; it’s to be the best at what we do.
  2. We’re big enough and small enough. We’ve built an organization that’s large enough to deal with your business needs anywhere in the world, and flexible enough to grow with you as your needs grow. But we’re small enough that each of our clients is a top priority and receives the focus and attention they need. We could have hundreds of clients, but we’d prefer to have a few great ones.
  3. We’re committed to great process, but we don’t get trapped by it. Great jazz musicians have incredible technical training, but they also know how to improvise. We feel the same way. Over the years, we have established remarkably reliable processes that we bring to every client partnership. But we also keep ourselves flexible, so that adherence to process doesn’t get in the way of achieving our clients’ goals.
  4. We’re global—without the overhead. PDG does not have an office in every country in the world. Why? Because then we’d have to ask you to pay for all that infrastructure, and we don’t want you to pay unnecessary costs. Our Virtual Global approach has met our clients’ needs on every continent on the globe (except Antarctica, and hey, we’re open to it). And we’ve done it by giving them the services they need, without the overhead they don’t.

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