Enterprise Learning Services

PDG helps you run corporate learning like a business, using business tools, processes, and metrics. Our goal is to improve the performance of your organization, helping you meet your goals while managing cost, time, flexibility, and resources.

learning-strategyLearning Program Strategy

High-impact learning starts with a great plan that’s aligned to the goals of the business. PDG identifies gaps in your current approach and identifies opportunities for improvement and growth. PDG provides needs assessment, organizational assessment, curriculum analysis & design, competency alignment, and learning maps as part of your strategic roadmap to performance improvement.

learning_demand_planningLearning Demand Planning

Learning is a business, and needs to follow sound business practices. Virtually every business uses Supply Chain methods to assess needs and guarantee needed resources will be available. The critical first step in this process is Demand Planning—determining how much work needs to be completed and what resources are necessary to get it done.

Demand curves can be mapped and spikes in demand can be forecasted. PDG’s Learning Demand Planning Process provides you with a plan that you can work with. And since not everything is predictable, the process helps you determine what to do when the unexpected occurs.

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global_development_deliveryGlobal Development & Delivery

Most organizations are facing the challenge of deploying learning to diverse audiences all across the globe. Creating effective development and delivery of global learning for multiple audiences that also meets budgetary goals and drives business metrics can be challenging. Using PDG’s Global Learning Toolkit, we work with you to accelerate the design process to create a high impact, cost effective learning that is culturally appropriate to many different global locations.

PDG’s Global Archetype methodology is a practical approach to global learning design that focuses on the commonalities between learning styles as well as the differences. We work with you to meet your global learning needs and make sure that your audience receives the same message worldwide.

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curriculum_analysis_designCurriculum Analysis & Design

PDG’s Curriculum Analysis & Design process aligns corporate learning to business goals. A curriculum that is tightly aligned with business goals drives business value in a way everyone can understand. Reducing complexity in curriculum saves time, money, and allows content to be readily adapted to new business challenges. PDG’s Curriculum Analysis & Design process helps guarantee relevant, flexible, and impactful learning content.

Does Your Learning Strategy Drive Business Goals?
  • Is your training driving performance?
  • Is it measurable?
  • Can you tie it to business goals?
  • Can it be done in less time or at lower cost?
  • Are you using the right modalities to keep learners engaged?
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Learning Asset Development

PDG designs and builds all learning modalities, including cutting-edge new technologies. Our learning is highly engaging, but always focused on the goal of driving your business goals. We work with any content, in any development tool, to meet your needs.


Communications Asset DevelopmentCommunicate

Learning Organizations are in the Change business. Your job is to improve performance and make a difference to the business. That means changing behaviors, processes, and metrics. PDG works with you to communicate change and put the processes and measurements in place to guarantee performance continues to improve.