Leaders drive the success of the business; they are the builders and implementers of your corporate strategy. Leaders also represent a significant investment—are you getting the right return on your leadership investment? Can you demonstrate how leadership development is impacting they key metrics of your business?

Leadership classes can be effective, but too often skills and insights are forgotten when leaders return to the demands of the job. The truth is, leadership development shouldn’t ever be separated from doing the job—it should be integrated into doing the job.

That’s why PDG developed the Leadership Framework, a long-term strategy for optimizing your investment in your leaders. The Framework focuses on applying new skills over time, giving leaders a chance to grow and mature. And since the leadership work is fully integrated with the “real work,” it doesn’t feel like extra effort.

The Framework utilizes PDG’s KDR Cycle (Know, Do, Refine) in which leaders learn new skills, apply them on the job over time, and refine those skills based on experience, feedback, and coaching. We integrate each leader’s manager into the process as well, so they can coach and reinforce new behaviors. Leaders learn from experience, ensuring better adoption of skills and higher retention rates.


The Leadership Framework is flexible can be customized to the needs and culture of your organization. We can provide leadership content, utilize the content your organization already loves, or curate from the best leadership content available.  One size does not fit all; we create a system that addresses your specific gaps and creates the building blocks to growth.

Measurement is critical. We build a measurement model into every engagement, focusing both on leadership behavior and business impact.

The needs of your organization are unique.  Our expertise focuses on creating a highly-relevant experience that will focus on the key skills that will have the highest impact for your organization.

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Contact us to discover how PDG’s Leadership Framework can work for you!