PDG Culture


PDG Gives Back
In 2018, PDG Gives Back focused on Ronald McDonald House, which provides housing and meals for the families of children undergoing medical treatment. We prepared meal kits for families, decorating the bags with upbeat messages.






PDG Picnic
What’s summer without a picnic? The PDG team enjoys good food, fun games, and good company at Valley Creek Park.



PDG Olympics
Are we competitive at PDG? Well… maybe a little! Teams competed in contests of speed, skill, and smarts. And with team members all over the country, we used technology to bring team members in virtually.




PDG Escapes!
The problem-solvers of PDG love puzzles, so you know we love Escape Rooms. Add a dose of competition, as multiple teams attempted to solve multiple escape rooms simultaneously, and you have a party—followed by plenty of food and drink afterwards, of course.