Company Culture Communication for Onboarding New Employees

A whiteboard drawing style animated video with an engaging design to promote company culture

Animated Video    |    Manufacturing Industry    |    Company Culture Onboarding

A workforce united
Client Need

PDG’s client needed to engage their employees to align them as one team working towards a shared goal. It was decided a communication about the importance of company culture would go a long way.

Bringing Values to Life
how pdg delivered

PDG created an engaging custom animation to explain company culture in an exciting and interesting way. Paired with music and narration, the video discussed the values and ideas of the company with corresponding illustration and movement that pulled viewers in and created a memorable experience.

When Everyone is Moving Forward Together, Success Takes Care of Itself

The video animation was well received and enjoyed by its viewers. Knowing the everyone is working together became inspiration for teams. With everyone on the same page, PDG’s client can work together toward a shared goal, shared priorities, and shared success.