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Policy Training

This E-learning was designed to educate employees of a large pharmaceutical company about changes in policy around internal and external communication.

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Communicating Policy More Effectively
Client Need
Our client needed a way to communicate policy standards for employees world-wide. PDG developed eLearning to aid in driving home a larger message on communications.
The importance of this policy demanded something beyond the normal communication. An email would not cut it.
Our client knows that understanding policy is as important as following policy. And PDG knows both of those are easier when training can happen with engagement and efficiency.
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a Clear Message Captures Attention
How PDG Delivered
The time for standardized eLearning has passed. PDG employed custom built learning deliverables to communicate a clear message. Beautiful imagery and professional narration deliver a clear a focused message for learners.
A short quiz lets learners test their understanding of the material as well as display skill. All this, combined with a short seat time, leads to quality education and confident teams.
Understanding leads to confidence
When the message is clear and engaging, the message is received; loud and clear. Delivering the message to people with clarity and care leads to understanding.
PDG’s custom solutions led to increased efficiency, improved communication, and better results.
Engage. Connect. Improve.
  • Embrace custom solutions to engage and connect to your teams.
  • Provide a learning solution crafted with care and understanding.
  • Deliver efficient, effective learning to improve information retention and interest.