Travel Dos and Don'ts for Globetrotting Employees

A gamified learning experience with highly engaging design and company culture alignment

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About Project
Gamification Solution Changes Behavior and Drives Improvement

A large pharmaceutical client needed to address non-compliant behavior with their Global Travel and Expense (T&E) policy and inconsistent use of their T&E system. In order to increase compliant behavior and drive engagement, the client requested a gamified learning experience which had a highly engaging design, marketing product quality, and company culture relevancy.

Learning That is Engaging and Interactive

PDG designed and developed the Travel & Expense Training, where learners interact with the course by completing decision points to reinforce Travel and Expense best practices. Decision points represent a variety of common scenarios that frequently occur before, during, and after business travel.

Feedback Demonstrates Program Success

Specific feedback relates to the effectiveness and impact of the learner’s selection:

  • Policy Compliance: Does the choice follow the policy?
  • Cost Impact: Is the cost high or low as compared to the other choices?
  • Travel Experience: Does the choice enable a safe, comfortable trip for the traveler and assure that the traveler is able to meet business commitments?

Feedback on these three scores reinforced the goal of good judgment, rather than always picking the cheapest or most luxurious choice.