Sales Leadership Solutions for Life Sciences

We help develop commercial sales leaders who drive revenue, inspire teams, and meet challenges head-on.

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Transformational Sales Leadership Solutions that Build High-Performing Teams.

From prepping teams for inevitable changes to boosting flat performance, life science sales leaders face unique challenges that require data-driven solutions for success. At Performance Development Group, we provide innovative, tailored solutions that empower sales leaders to overcome these challenges to help transform their sales organization’s performance for improved sales results.

We Address Your Most Pressing Leadership Challenges

PDG Helps Commercial Leaders Drive Sales Performance Excellence.


Install core skills, tools and a framework for success


Take action and measure progress


Sustainable and ongoing improvement model

Our Proven Methodology: The Backbone of Your Future State

Our holistic approach transforms your organization’s current state into a future of thriving sales. We create a journey of manageable, actionable phases for effective knowledge transfer and skill enhancement. Our commitment includes ongoing follow-up and skill refinement that fosters a culture of continuous improvement in sales leaders and their teams.

How We Engage

You’re in control of your engagement. Choose an assessment and recommendations only, add on custom framework and solution development, or go all-in with full-scale execution. However you choose to work with us, we’re your partner every step of the way.

Sustaining Sales Leadership and Rep Performance Excellence

As required, our strategies harness the power of cutting-edge AI technologies and tailored platforms to incorporate unique touchpoints, engaging content, and personalized learning paths. These elements collectively craft a pathway for enhanced team performance and sustained growth.

Key Deliverables May Include

  • Leadership Accountability and coaching Framework
  • Leadership Playbook
  • Team Performance Assessment
  • Sales Process Improvement Strategy
  • HCP Engagement Strategy
  • Competitive Readiness Workshops
  • Coach-the-Coach
  • Technology Optimization
  • Learning Solutions in the Flow of Work

Transform Your Leadership Capabilities to Empower Your Sales Team to Excel.

Why Life Sciences Brands Choose PDG

Specializing in the Life Science industry, PDG brings a 20-year track record of success, along with a team of experts dedicated to enhancing sales performance. Using data-driven insights, our unique blend of experience and innovative solutions equips sales leaders to build high-performing teams to conquer the complexities of the industry.

Invest in a dynamic partnership that propels you to lasting success in an evolving and competitive landscape.

We’re Honored to Work with the Leading Life Science Brands

We’re deeply committed to helping pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, therapeutics, and diagnostics companies build high-performing sales teams with sustainable results.

What Our Clients Say

“Challenging and engaging work environment! Great work, great people.”
“Collaborative team selling environment where your voice is heard.”
“Colleagues are genuine and engaged in their work at PDG. Leadership is approachable and collaborative.”
“Smart people, supportive culture, robust onboarding, team approach, and very client-centric.”
Account Team
“Flexible work environment. So many companies talk about work/life balance, but PDG takes it seriously. Excellent benefits and great pay.”
Talent Acquisition Team
“PDG is dedicated to hiring the best of the best. Hard work is recognized. If you go above and beyond, you’re rewarded for it.”
Instructional Designer

Get Ready to Transform Your Sales Organization