PDG Partners

We are pleased to partner with companies who help us augment strategic imperatives, elevate leadership development, onboarding, and drive a continuous improvement culture.

Our partners help accelerate the capabilities of commercial organizations through technology, data analytics, benchmarking, and professional services.

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Who Partners with PDG?

Over 75% CEOs rate partnerships as ‘important’ or ‘critical’ to their business.

Our clients want to work with organizations that help pharmaceutical, bio-tech, and medical device teams elevate their sales performance, improve their people, onboarding programs, and culture – transforming them into high-performing organizations.

Partner Spotlight

Amplifying Results for Clients

Balancing High Tech and High Touch

We ensure alignment between people, systems, and tech to drive a culture of accountability and lasting behavior change.

Driving Continuous Improvement

Together, we provide clients with what they need to drive successful product launches, leadership development, and a continuous improvement culture.

Measuring for Success

Providing a holistic measurement strategy to align and build performance capabilities that drive real business impact.

What Our Clients Say

“In collaboration with PDG, we launched a strategic learning platform with integrated measurement checkpoints. From our Executive team to frontline staff, we’ve seen universal adoption and after 10 months, we’re already witnessing a quantifiable uplift in knowledge.”
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“Working collectively with our technology partner and PDG has afforded us the ability to drive entrepreneur thinking and innovation.”
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“One of the lessons I have learned in my tenure as a leader in life sciences is that partnerships are key in solving challenges, hand and hand we have already achieved more.”
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Interested in Partnering with PDG?