On-the-Go Product Knowledge

A gamified learning experience with highly engaging design and company culture alignment.

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Power up people to strengthen business—Anywhere, anytime.
Client Need

A global cosmetics company had a need to increase product sales and knowledge across their salon, retail, and corporate channels. The company wanted to increase engagement by designing a self-paced, mobile-friendly learning experience for their employees to take any time.

Real-Life Decision Making
How PDG Delivered

PDG designed and developed a multi-level game with knowledge and application merged to resemble real-life decision making. Learners are presented with guest scenarios that feature a number of products to consider. Based on matching products to the guest’s need, rewards are earned. Learners then have the to “spend” their financial reward as an added motivational element.

A wide audience for invaluable information

Learners are able to recognize customer cues, differentiate among a variety of products in multiple lines of care, and make the best recommendations. This information was so invaluable that the game was later offered to the public, as well as internally and to third party suppliers, making the audience multi-dimensional.

Interactive games and gamification techniques, if designed well, can boost learner engagement, allow skill practice, and reinforce desired behaviors. This is an example of how “gameful” design approach can turn a dry product training into something memorable and engaging.