Set Sales Team Members Up for Growth and Success through Onboarding

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Accelerate Team Success by Mastering Sales Onboarding

Winning in life sciences sales starts with building a knowledgeable, agile salesforce that can thrive amid fierce competition. Onboarding new reps quickly is a crucial yet complex process— spanning regulatory knowledge, product mastery, effective selling skills, and more. Our customized onboarding solutions ensure new team members can rapidly and confidently contribute to your goals.

How We Help

Maximize Your Sales Onboarding Program for Exceptional Performance

Our Proven Methodology for Sales Onboarding Success


Install core skills, tools and a framework for success


Take action and measure progress


Sustainable and ongoing improvement model

We break down the onboarding process into practical, manageable phases that ensure swift knowledge transfer for real-world sales scenarios. We incorporate effective coaching and feedback to refine skills and reinforce knowledge, and frequent measurement to identify and correct gaps.

Our methodology recognizes your goals and precisely identifies the behaviors and processes needed to achieve them. We uncover gaps and deficiencies in your systems that hinder your success.

Through structured, phased, learning journeys, reinforcement, effective coaching, and continuous measurement and feedback, we boost your sales reps’ confidence to engage with HCPs and create impact.

How We Engage

You’re in control of how to engage. We are here to Advise, Build, and/or Deliver a custom solution that is right for you. However you choose to work with us, we’re your partner every step of the way.

Create a Roadmap to Success Through Sales Onboarding Strategies

Do you need help implementing and leveraging new technology, creating more engaging content, or streamlining a sales process? These are just a few of the ways we can help improve sales rep performance and sustained growth.

Key Deliverables May Include

  • Leadership Accountability and Coaching Framework
  • Leadership Playbook
  • Team Performance Assessment
  • Sales Process Improvement Strategy
  • HCP Engagement Strategy
  • Competitive Readiness Workshops
  • Coach-the-Coach
  • Technology Optimization
  • Learning Solutions in the Flow of Work

Are You Ready to Turn Onboarding into a Revenue-Generator?

Why Life Sciences Brands Choose PDG

With a proven track record spanning over two decades and a team of sales performance experts focused exclusively on Life Sciences, we provide a unique blend of insights, experience, and data-driven solutions that empower sales leaders to conquer their most pressing onboarding challenges.

We don’t just strive to improve sales performance; we revolutionize strategies and elevate outcomes, setting new benchmarks for success in this dynamic industry.

We’re Honored to Work with Leading Life Sciences Brands

We’re deeply committed to helping pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, therapeutics, and diagnostics companies build high-performing sales teams with sustainable results.

Our Clients’ Successes. Your Inspiration.

Our client success metrics showcase how our solutions growth and excellence across Life Science companies.

What Our Clients Say

“I just finished going through the PDG’s program and, WOW!!! It is beautiful, clear, engaging, and just all-round wonderful! I could not be more excited, fantastic work!”
Sr. Director Medical Communications | Biotech Company
“PDG was great to work with and very efficient at producing a value proposition workshop for us. I would be happy to recommend them or work with them again.”
Senior Manager | Pharma Company
“PDG delivers an outstanding product; the team is very responsive to our needs and they display great follow-up and follow-through.”
Area Business Lead | Pharma Company
“The team was very enjoyable to work with and the results were fantastic!”
Sr. Director
“PDG is great, they provide great consultants and go above and beyond to make sure all consultants are a good fit for our business. The monthly check-ins with the PDG team help ensure consultants are working out as expected and provide suggestions to improve upon team management.”
Sr. Manager | Pharma Mfr
“The PDG team listens to understand your needs/goals, and they are able to offer suggestions and solutions to meet and exceed expectations.”
Area Business Lead | Pharma Company
“The entire PDG team was fantastic to work with. We had some complexities on our side (building our plane while flying it), and they stuck with us and adapted very well.”
Sr. Manager, Strategic Development | Biotech Company
“PDG’s content design and delivery is excellent. The creative elements bring significant value to enhance engagement and impact.”
Area Business Lead | Pharma Company
“We had a complex project with many moving parts and the team heard us and designed accordingly.”
Sr. Manager, Strategic Development | Biotech Company

Get Your New Sales Reps in the Field Faster Without Sacrificing Quality