PDG Announces New Vision on Sales Transformation Solutions for Life Sciences

By: Performance Development Group

January 25, 2023 – 2 min read

Performance Development Group (PDG), a leader in providing business performance solutions, announces that it is “Bringing Success to Life” with an expanded sales performance solution set specifically for commercial organizations within life sciences. The new solution includes leadership development (coaching and accountability excellence), field force optimization, and business execution (leading and lagging metrics for success).

Sales performance is a critical capability and one of the highest priorities for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device organizations. The dynamics and unpredictability of these industries are very high, and the margin for error is thinner than ever before. The evolving marketplace is highly regulated and complex, competition is fierce, and sales teams are constantly expected to adapt with limited information. As a result, the industry needs a dedicated performance solutions partner who understands these challenges across therapeutic areas and can clear a path to help them compete.

“The sales organization within life sciences requires a focus like no other. We have seen complexity over the years and feel that this new business focus will allow us to deliver unique insights into the skills necessary to succeed like nobody else can,” said Sean Frontz, Global Practice Leader, Sales Performance, PDG.

PDG has a long tradition of delivering business performance solutions to life science organizations. With this new business focus, PDG brings a team of experienced industry experts who understand how to shape solutions that are specific to each organization’s business goals.

“With PDG’s increased focus and expertise on improving sales performance for life sciences organizations, we now have a unique ability and perspective to help our life sciences clients navigate ever-changing market dynamics and enable commercial teams to achieve and exceed their goals”


About PDG

Since 2002, PDG has been helping the world’s leading life science organizations reach new heights in sales performance. PDG is laser-focused on driving measurable business results for business execution, sales transformation, leadership development, onboarding, employee engagement, and change management.

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