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Improving sales outcomes by turning knowledge into action through high-impact sales performance frameworks.

Sales Leadership Challenges
Weak Pipeline
Hitting Your Revenue Number
Finding Sales Talent
Poor Close Rate
Improve Selling Skills
Common Sales Language
Is “training” solving the business problems above? Maybe it’s time for something new.

Sales Performance is the engine that drives your business. You do a lot of sales training, but are you seeing the results you were expecting? Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Sales Performance requires more than knowledge; it requires action. If your sales engine isn’t taking you where you want to be, it’s probably time for some high-octane fuel. PDG designs solutions that are focused on aligning a leader-led experience to your organization’s strategic goals.  We help you prioritize your needs and build a framework that will focus on the leading indicators that will drive measurable behavior change and business outcomes for your sales teams.

The PDG Sales Performance Framework

Are your sales metrics based on what your salesforce knows, or on what they are able to accomplish? A smart salesforce is great, but a salesforce that takes action drives increased revenue and business success. PDG bridges the know / do gap and focuses on turning knowledge into behavior and behavior into action. We believe a well-designed sales performance solution drives the key levers that have the greatest business impact. Training is important, but we focus primarily on what happens after training and how new skills are applied to drive actual behavior change for both the sales leaders and their teams.

Measuring Impact

Sales is a game of metrics; almost everything a sales team does is measured. If your sales solution isn’t driving your metrics, why are you doing it? PDG’s solutions come with the measurement strategy baked in—so you can demonstrate the real behavior change that drives improved sales performance.

The Sales Performance Impact Plan

A vital element of the Sales Performance Framework is the Impact Plan, a multi-tiered roadmap that focuses on practice and application and helps sales professionals learn new skills, then apply and refine them on the job over time. We also integrate the sales leaders into the process to coach and reinforce new behaviors.

The sales performance framework is flexible. PDG can create content, leverage the content your organization already loves, or curate from the best sales performance content available. From there, we build a robust roadmap that drives skills, sales behavior, and real business results.

A Sales Performance Case Study
PDG partnered with a large pharmaceutical company looking to upskill their already high-performing sales team to retain market share during a competitive threat in the marketplace. They installed a Sales Performance solution powered by an adaptive learning platform and a four-phase gamified approach that pushed content, challenging questions, and actions to the teams daily in 5-minute increments.
After six months, 94% of the salespeople reported that this solution made them more effective in their role.
This solution was also reported to have increased their overall product knowledge on average by ten percentage points (from 81% to 91%).
The leaders observed that 78% of the salespeople improved the quality of their client interactions.

Business success starts with sales success. Are you ready to drive measurable business results?

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