Coaching to Maximize Sales Performance

Getting better at the art of selling is a mindset that requires great coaching.

Why is Coaching Important?

When sales leaders integrate strong coaching practices into everyday activities, they produce teams that are more engaged and have higher success rates. Consider these industry stats:

It’s evident that coaching has a dramatic impact on performance. However, most sales leaders tend to “tell” people what to do versus coach.

What happens with little to no sales coaching?

  • Quotas are not met
  • Missed opportunities
  • Demotivated sales team
  • Engagement suffers
Consider these stats:
Companies with dynamic sales coaching programs receive 28% higher win rates.
Coaching is identified as the number one activity to most likely impact job performance.

Develop Coaching Skills to Help Sales Teams Succeed

When Sales Coaching is focused on what matters most, the impact is measurable:

Business Outcomes

Focus your coaching on a specific business goal such as effective call planning to better hit targets.

Performance Outcomes

Coach in ways that best support the individual skill needs of each of your sellers.

Behavior Outcomes

Deliver critical knowledge and mentoring in the daily course of work to promote better retention and application of skills.

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