Custom Solution: Beauty Product Knowledge Game

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A major cosmetic company’s business model relies on the sale of consumer products driven by people who are not employees. Instead, they are associates at salons and retail locations who drive significant sales of products direct to consumers. As a result, they needed to provide associates with a fun and engaging way to understand their customers’ needs and align them with an appropriate product. And since associates spend most of their time helping customers, the training had to work in bite-sized chunks of a few minutes at a time.


The solution is a multi-level online game designed to help learners understand and recommend products. Product knowledge and application opportunities merge to resemble real-life decision making. Learners are presented with dialog from guests describing their haircare needs. Learners choose from product options to recommend the best solution for the situation. Successful recommendations in the game address guests’ desired end benefit, situation, and hair characteristics and are met with positive guest reactions through in-game product purchases and tips. Less successful responses from a learner are met with disappointed guests and learner is redirected to select a better response for the guests’ scenario.

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