Onboarding – Call Center Learning Transformation

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A global financial services company wanted to improve the customer service experience and the workforce’s ability to delight their customers. The Retail Services function was seeking an upgraded new hire training experience to reduce customer wait time, time on the phone, and resolution close time.


PDG partnered with the company to analyze the current state of the new hire curriculum and to build an Onboarding Solution to drive the business goal of improving the customer experience. The new Onboarding Solution was a 4-week interactive blended learning journey for new hires built on PDG’s Know-Do-Refine Solution Framework and consisted of:

  • Providing targeted knowledge through formal e-learning,
    microlearning, and shadowing advisors on the floor as well as informal learning through games
  • Advancing customer service skills through simulations (hands-on scenarios, recorded calls, etc.) and taking live calls in the Development Center
  • Applying and reinforcing key concepts learned through assessments, mystery calls, and role plays.
  • Accelerating a new team member’s time to competency with tools and performance support job aids such as graphic novels, quick cards, and infographics that can be pulled through to on-the-job
  • Emphasizing skill development as a continuous experience allowing new hires to refresh knowledge and close skill gaps while receiving integrated Manager coaching and mentoring


Formal Learning Samples

As part of the blended learning strategy elearning and microlearnings were utilized for targeted knowledge with application and reinforcement of key concepts through assessments and simulations.

Performance Support Samples

As part of the blended learning strategy, graphic novels were used as an innovative approach to feature the correct behaviors on how to interact with stakeholders and customers, as well as problem solve and make decisions.

Additional tools and job aids such as quick cards and infographics were also created to accelerate time to proficiency and to be pulled through for on-the-job performance support.

Informal Learning Samples

As part of the blended learning strategy informal learning was
provided in the form of games to increase knowledge, application, and reinforcement of key concepts learned.

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