Onboarding and Technical Training Solution

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A national container manufacturer with 57 plants across the US, operating five different primary machine types, sought a partner to help them achieve the following business outcomes and performance levels:

  1. Reduction in attrition
  2. Reduction in plant safety issues
  3. Unplanned downtime


The company partnered with PDG to conduct a needs analysis, then based on findings, design and develop a learning strategy and solution to achieve desired future performance levels. The analysis included onsite observations and interviews with technicians, supervisors, and plant managers. The results identified gaps between current state and desired future state.

PDG’s solution consisted of a new pre-boarding, onboarding, and post-onboarding instructional framework. The onboarding program, designed for supervisors, operators, and technicians, showed a clear career progression and wove cultural awareness, functional/technical knowledge, and strategic direction throughout the curriculum. The curriculum for each role’ aligns learning objectives with performance goals. A coaching program was also designed with new employees being assigned a coach to assist with networking and plant functional knowledge.

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