Robotics Consultant Certification Training

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How do you drive adoption of a leading-edge surgical guidance system? A medical equipment company recently faced this challenge. While many hospitals invested in the system, data showed a low adoption rate largely based on resistance to use, and lack of awareness and knowledge about the system’s benefits. To drive awareness and increased utilization of the system in hospitals, they felt system consultants who support surgeons, needed to be able to demonstrate and convey their expertise with the system.


The company partnered with PDG to design and develop a learning strategy and solution to drive awareness and increase utilization of the system in hospitals. The solution was a 9-week Certification Academy for its robotics consultants on the system. The Academy combines newly developed learning tools with existing technical training and maximizes on-the-job learning while minimizing classroom time and aligns to the 70:20:10 theory of learning. Classroom sessions are hands-on and activity-based. The Academy includes the following elements: 

  • Integrated Measurement Strategy based on Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Learning Evaluation, aligned to the learning progression and applied at each level of learning – Awareness, Application, Competency, and Mastery 
  • Mentor-Supported throughout the certification process by extensively trained mentors 
  • Practical Application consisting of field rides, structured on-the-job learning, as well as experiential learning on increasingly complex cases 
  • Surgeon-Centric training to enable consultants to credibly provide case coverage to surgeons is given equal weight to technical knowledge with the system

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