CEO Insights Series – 2023

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Discover Practical Strategies and Advice for Building High-Performing Life Science Sales Teams

PDG’s CEO Insights takes a deep dive into critical challenges faced by leaders in the life sciences industry when building effective sales teams. This series offers strategies and advice to help sales leaders create stronger, more cohesive sales organizations. The goal is to give them a competitive edge in the field while ensuring tangible returns on investment for their company.

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Topics Covered

  • Unlocking Sales Excellence in Life Sciences
  • Embracing High-Touch in Our Tech-Driven Sales Landscape
  • Beyond Numbers – Reshaping Pharma’s Measure of Sales Success Bridging the Gap: From Data Analytics to Sales Performance Impact in Pharma
  • Building High-Performance Sales Teams Begins with Developing Your Leaders

About the Author

Dave Manning, CEO & Managing Partner | PDG

Dave Manning, PDG’s CEO & Managing Partner, brings over 25 years of sales performance improvement in life sciences. He’s led global organizations and startups and now focuses on strategy, business development, mentoring PDG’s talents, and nurturing client relationships with the world’s top life science brands.

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