Does Your Onboarding Create a Competitive Advantage?

In life sciences, competition for the best sales talent is fierce. Research indicates that employee engagement is at an all-time low. Twenty percent of sales reps leave in their first 45 days, and 50 percent will be gone within two years. Replacing talent can cost up to 150 percent of annual salaries. With these numbers, you can’t afford to get your onboarding wrong.

An Enhanced Onboarding Program—The Key to Unlocking More Revenue

Your new hire’s onboarding experience is mission-critical—especially in the first year on the job. From pre-boarding to onboarding and post-boarding, we help your new hires learn while doing, become productive more quickly, and feel a part of the team right from the start.


Create intentional new hire experiences that immerse new hires into your company culture.


Develop a peer network that supports new hires every step of the way.


Devise an onboarding plan that incorporates your company mission and vision into daily activities to drive business results.

Career Support

With pre-boarding activities such as goal planning, new hires can begin to think about how they can make a difference early.


Create a plan that helps new hires visualize success and sets them up for wins on the job early and often.


Communicate career paths early and create avenues to get there.

Benefits of Strategic Onboarding

Attract Top Talent and Build Your Company Brand

A solid onboarding plan means you’ll attract the right people, help them perform their job more quickly and effectively, and keep them engaged.

Increase Employee Engagement

Onboarding creates the links to purpose, culture, and strategy, which drives engagement. Involved employees are more committed and more productive.

Retain and Grow Your Best People

Engaged employees stay longer. You can increase talent retention by as much as 200% with a great onboarding program.

Create a Culture of Career-Long Learning

Onboarding is more than a 90-day welcome to the company. It’s an ongoing journey of growth and development.

Full Cultural Integration

Onboarding provides an opportunity for employees to become a part of the culture and inspire commitment in others.

Make an Immediate Impact

Onboarding improves employee satisfaction and provides a path to realizing personal and professional goals.

Ready to Create a Winning Sales Culture Through Onboarding?